New Flow for Customer Pick Up Thursdays- now with accessible bathrooms!


PressBay Food Hub @ 110-1 W. Green St., Ithaca NY 14850

New Flow Starting Thursday June 25th, 20203 – 7 PM


  1. Join the line in PressBay Court (no longer along the sidewalk on Green St). Here you can view our soon-to-be-open Solidarity Garden and use the bathroom if needed!
  2. Don your mask 
  3. ENTER the Food Hub thru the Court vestibule (where the bathrooms are) and proceed down the Food Hub hallway 
  4. Tell us your name/ know what you ordered and whom from (reminder we just distribute packages, not take inventory of contents within)
  5. Exit through the Food Hub door on Green St (where you used to pick up)

Benefits… the line is in a nicer place! There is more room and some of the waiting is inside in AC. All distribution now will happen


PressBay Alley and Court are in all kinds of reopening


For physical distancing reasons Full Plate Farm Collective has moved Thursday distribution to our Geneva St. parking lot

THEREFORE… we no longer have parking to offer in our lot. It is private paid parking for tenants who have returned over the past few weeks.FYI, starting 6/26 the City will also be enforcing parking rules on the street again.

There are numerous options within 2 blocks of the Food Hub:

  • Geneva, Albany and Fayette St south of Green all often have spots
  • We maintain a spot or two in front of the Food Hub for curbside pick up
  • We will certainly assist folks in holding/watching orders while you grab car for temporary parking along the Green St. curb.

Please understand that the working of this thing is based upon good will!