Customer Guide

Update March 25, 2020 (9:30 am)

We have 5 farms lining up their online systems for this week! Please check back for links!


This is a transfer hub for preordered goods. We will NOT be making the sales ourselves. You can use our page to navigate directly to each farm who will deliver to PressBay and order DIRECTLY from them.

Each Thursday (3 – 7 PM) you can pick up FOR THAT WEEK.


These details are evolving. They will always maintain 6′ of separation and no entry into our work spaces by customers and farmers.

PressBay Food Hub, Curbside @ 110-1 W. Green St., Ithaca NY 14850

  • When you arrive: call the Hub number (607) 216 8321
  • If there is room, pull up in front of 110-1 W Green St.
  • If there is not room please wait IN YOUR CAR in the Geneva St and we will call you back to drive up to 110-1.
  • Be ready to know what you ordered! We will place it at the door (outside) of 110-1 and allow you to load it yourself.

Note: we will not hold missed pick ups. On Friday each week we will donate unclaimed goods to our local food pantries.

You can order each week WITHOUT committing to longer term. This is intended to support both longer-term CSA/subscription models and weekly sales. It will differ from farm to farm. Please ask each farm directly if you are confused once on their site.


  • (607) 216 8321 (answered by our team DURING Customer Pick Up hours only: THUR 3-7PM)
  • (answered daily, please allow 24 hr unless it is a Thursday!)