Tomorrow’s Customer Pick Up (3-7PM)! and next Thursday’s Farm Vendors for April 16 are up!

We’ll see you tomorrow if you have an order in with the Food Hub vendors! Please note, we’re just getting better and it just gets easier! Here are customer guidelines for Pick Up:

PressBay Food Hub, Curbside @ 110-1 W. Green St., Ithaca NY 14850

This is between Diamond’s and Ithaca Halal Grocer, across from Sunoco.

  • IF YOU ARE ON FOOT: Approach the 110-1 door and call out to us! We will go from there.
  • IF YOU ARE IN A CAR: If there is room, pull up in front of 110-1 W Green St. (between Diamond’s and Ithaca Halal Grocer).
  • If there is not room please wait IN YOUR CAR in the Geneva St parking lot and we will call you back to drive up to 110-1.
  • Be ready to know what you ordered! We will place it at the door (outside) of 110-1 and allow you to load it yourself.

Note: we will not hold missed pick ups. On Friday each week we will donate unclaimed goods to our local food pantries.

You can order each week WITHOUT committing to longer term. This is intended to support both longer-term CSA/subscription models and weekly sales. It will differ from farm to farm. Please ask each farm directly if you are confused once on their site.

Active Farms for Delivery FOR 4/16/2020

Adrina Dietra
Essential apothecary goods
Preordered herbs
Bright Raven Farm and Apiary
Truly raw, unheated, unfiltered honey.
Cayuta Sun Farm
Pastured Pork & Poultry
Crosswinds Farm & Creamery
100% grassfed beef & cheeses, pork, veal
Dancing Turtle
Microgreens Sprouts Salad Sauces!/~/
Eve’s Cidery
champagne method cider from wild harvested or estate grown, certified organic fruit
Headwater Foods
We offer produce, meat, and value-added products from over 200 NYS producers
Heritage Haus Farm
beef, pork, lamb, eggs, limited produce, soap, maple syrup
Ithaca Soap (aka 17th Century Suds, Ltd.)
Organic bar soap, liquid & sanitizer soap, olive oil shampoo gel & olive oil shampoo bar, lip balm, hand & body creams
Lively Run Dairy
Artisan Cheese
Luminous Coffee/ Press Cafe
Whole Bean Coffee 12oz bags
MacDonald Farms
sauerkrauts, pickles, kim chis
Mojo’s Sauce
Hot Sauce
Plenty of Posies
Fresh cut flower bouquets, small potted herbs and veggies
Wellspring Forest Farm
APRIL: Duck eggs, Maple Syrup, Pastured Lamb cuts MAY: fresh mushrooms JUNE: fresh mushroom CSA
Shelterbelt Farm
beef, lamb, honey, ginger products, and sometimes eggs
South Hill Cider
Ciders: Single Orchards, Estate Grown, and Wild Harvested Naturally Sparkling
Windsong Farm
Grass-fed/finished lamb, mutton and beef