GoFund(Me) the Food Hub!

PressBay’s Food Hub and Pantry are a COVID-inspired, local food centered response to food insecurity in downtown Ithaca.Since March 2020 the Food Hub has offered a convenient way for people to access fresh locally produced food. Each Monday the Hub hosts a free choice, foot accessible, open-to-all Food Pantry in partnership with Friendship Donation Network. […]

L.L.Bean’s Pop-Up Shop and Outdoor Wellness

POP UP in PressBay! Friday Oct 16 and Oct 17 bring the Bean Boot Mobile to Downtown Ithaca! Donations from customers and the PressBay community will be distributed via Village at Ithaca so that more of our community may experience the joy of the outdoors in stylish comfort this winter! The Bootmobile and Pop-Up Shop […]

Friendship Pantry Hours Update!

It is a true pleasure to see and share with you each week, courtesy of Friendship Donations Network, Lively Run Dairy, Wegmans, GreenStar Natural Foods Market Silver Queen Farm and all the other farms who donate! We have extended the pantry through the summer but please note: We are CLOSED ON MONDAY, May 25th Our next Pantry is Monday, June 1, […]

AMAZING Friendship Pantry today!

Here’s Adrina Dietra stopping by to drop off her donated masks for essential farmworkers and picking up the first of today’s absolutely AMAZING Friendship Pantry goods… The generosity of this week is intense.. Please send all of your people to receive … Featuring GreenStar Natural Foods Market prepared food ranging from quinoa salads to chicken and turkey to full […]

Farmers and shoppers connect at Ithaca’s Press Bay Alley, now a hub for local food

Ithaca, N.Y. — Press Bay Alley is a hip retail corridor with an eclectic list of tenants that includes an apothecary/lingerie shop and even a circus school. But in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the micro-retail development is pivoting to become a hub to connect area farmers and other food producers with shoppers. https://www.syracuse.com/food/2020/04/farmers-and-shoppers-connect-at-ithacas-press-bay-alley-now-a-hub-for-local-food.html