GoFund(Me) the Food Hub!

PressBay’s Food Hub and Pantry are a COVID-inspired, local food centered response to food insecurity in downtown Ithaca.Since March 2020 the Food Hub has offered a convenient way for people to access fresh locally produced food. Each Monday the Hub hosts a free choice, foot accessible, open-to-all Food Pantry in partnership with Friendship Donation Network. […]

Winter 2020 – 2021 Food Hub- Whom to Order From

This week- Nov 30th- Dec 4th- marks the beginning of the PressBay Food Hub and Pantry cycle! Weekly Monday Community Pantries continue all winter, 3 – 5 pm. Thursday Food Hub distribution (4 – 7pm) continues and we have new farms and vendors! All that here.. http://pressbayalley.com/pressbay-food-transfer-hub/farms-to-order-from/ Inquiries welcome… pressbayfoodhub@gmail.com

Holiday Pop Up Free Pantry

WEDNESDAY, NOV 2th, 3 – 5 PM PressBay Court, enter near the lawn (follow Food Hub signs) In addition to our regular Monday Free Food Pantry, we are popping up on Wednesday as well! All are welcome.Please come to the PressBay Court and enter by following the signs. Masks required at all times. This pantry […]

PressBay Thanksgiving Market- Indeed!

Tuesday, November 24th 3:30 – 7 PM PressBay Court-Alley-Geneva St parking lot Stock up! Farms and vendors will take pre-orders or offer direct sales onsite (physically distanced throughout the Court, Alley and our Geneva St parking lot)! Sales of meat including turkey, bakery goods, cheese, flowers, herbs, gifts and wine/cider/beer abound!By Nov 1 our website […]

L.L.Bean’s Pop-Up Shop and Outdoor Wellness

POP UP in PressBay! Friday Oct 16 and Oct 17 bring the Bean Boot Mobile to Downtown Ithaca! Donations from customers and the PressBay community will be distributed via Village at Ithaca so that more of our community may experience the joy of the outdoors in stylish comfort this winter! The Bootmobile and Pop-Up Shop […]